Choosing The Right Sheets For Better Sleep

September 29, 2012  |  bed sheets and linen

Having the right bed and the right mattress are essential to a restful, good night’s sleep. However, do you know that your sheets also matter? The right sheets can help you feel more comfortable at night, providing you with excellent quality sleep.

Sheets and Thread Counts

If you have been looking at bed sheets and blankets, you may have come across the term thread count. What exactly do they mean by it and what makes it so important?

Thread count generally means the number of threads woven within a square inch. The threads are counted both widthwise and lengthwise. This means that a blanket with 100 threads lengthwise and 100 threads widthwise per square inch has a thread count of 200.

Many department stores sell linen with thread counts ranging from 180 to 320, but there are actually sheets that can have as much as 800 to 1200 thread count.

What To Consider When Buying Sheets

  • Fiber – when buying high-quality sheets, you should look for the key terms: “Egyptian long-staple”, “Supima”, “Pima.”  These terms signify high-quality long fibers. If you want to wake up to cool, luxurious sheets, you should go for the sheets that are 100% cotton.
  • Weave – This is one of the prime factors that dictate the looks, longevity, price and feel of the sheets. Percale, which is one of the higher-class plain weave, has a thread count of 180 and higher. These are generally crisper, and last longer than other types of weave.
  • Finish – There are sheets that are treated with chlorine, silicone and other types of chemicals so that they do not shrink, lose their shape or wrinkle easily. There are even some sheets that are cured with alkalis so that they will produce sheen. Some companies have pure-finish sheets, which are not treated by chemicals. These are best for people who have sensitivities to chemicals.
  • Dye – these are the color patterns that are put on the sheets right after weaving.




Benefits of Sheets with High Thread Count

Sheets with high thread count are more durable. They will not suffer much after your laundry – what you pay is what you get, in a good way. Even if you use it for a long time, they will not be destroyed easily and you will still feel the comfort after several washes.

A high thread count, as mentioned above, makes the sheets more comfortable and softer. Even if it is higher in price compared to other sheets, it increases the comfort and luxury of one’s bed, promoting better sleep.

High Thread Count Equals More Quality?

The idea is, the higher the thread count of your sheets, the more comfortable and luxurious it is. It may work that way, if you are comparing sheets with 200 thread count vs. 1200 thread count. However, it is also important to consider the thread quality. A 200-count sheet with high quality thread can feel so much better than a 400-count sheet with inferior or rough fibers.

Thus, if you are looking for new sheets for the room,  it is important to not just look at the numbers alone but the type of thread used for the products as well.

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