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What is the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow pressure relieving material?
It is a viscoelastic, temperature sensitive material, quite different from ordinary foam. Viscoelastic describes the property of a substance to both resist flow or change of shape (viscous) and to return to its original shape after being forced to change (elastic).

Originally developed for NASA in the 1970s, designed specifically to conform to any individual’s body and relieve the pressure of the tremendous forces of gravity the astronauts experienced during lift off and flight. Like so many NASA technologies, the formula was eventually released to the public as a pressure relieving material for home and medical use.

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How are the Sleep Relief Orthopedic pillows different from ordinary pillows?
Unlike ordinary foam, the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillows material is 100% memory foam–there are simply more cells per square inch than in most viscoelastic foams.

Furthermore, the cells themselves are extremely dense and consistently shaped. The greater density allows for greater sensitivity of the material, and is more durable preventing the “bottoming out” that can occur in less dense material.


How long will it take for me to get used to the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow
Some people are completely comfortable on the pillow right away. Others who have been sleeping on a very soft surface, may need some time to adjust to the remarkable amount of support and unique pressure relieving feel of the pillow (some call it a “floating” or “light” feeling).

Try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ for 90 Days

Will the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow make me hot?
No. The cells themselves are open and breathable, so the material is self-ventilating. Unlike feather or polyester filled pillows which cause pressure points, the Sleep Relief’ Orthopedic Pillows unique memory foam construction relieves pressure resulting in better circulation. Due to the increase in circulation throughout your body, you may discover you need fewer blankets to sleep comfortably.

Try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ for 90 Days

Is it more difficult to change position?
No, the slow recovery of the pillow to its original shape after conforming to your exact head and neck contours is a different feeling. This is necessary for the pillow to conform to your shape to relieve pressure and reduce the need to change position (toss and turn).

Try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ for 90 Days

Is there an adjustment period with the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow?
Like any new pillow, it may take a while to become accustomed to the unique feeling of your new Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow. Most people are very comfortable on the first night. Others, however, may need a few nights to adjust to the unique feeling of special memory foam material.

Try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ for 90 Days

What size are the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillows?
Unlike others on the market the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillows” are full size measuring a generous 50 x 30 x 10cm (20 x 12 x 4 inches) – so they fit neatly inside your normal pillowcases.

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Is it safe to make a purchase on your website?
We fully understand the need for security when making online purchases. This website utilize the most advanced encryption processing systems currently available to assure that your purchase will be safe. Your credit card information is only used by our bank and is processed on a separate, secure server.

Try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ for 90 Days

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90-Night 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Orthopedic Pillow Guarantee Put the amazing ‘Sleep-Relief Orthopedic Pillows‘ to the test in your own bed…and…if you’re not satisfied for any reason at any time during the next 90 days…send it back and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid.

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