Snooze Away Your Neck Pain – 3 Tips For a Pain-Free Night…

February 4, 2011  |  memory foam, neck pain

Your neck is a very delicate structure and is part and parcel of your spine.

The top of your neck is comprised of seven vertebrae called cervical vertebrae with the seventh one being that prominent bump at the base of your neck.

Even though the neck is a considerably weak connection to your spine it is flexible allowing it to move quite freely. In most cases whenever we feel the onset of neck pain it is mostly caused either by pain in the joints or torn muscle fibers with the latter being more common than the prior.

Neck pain
If you experience neck pain when you wake up in the morning or whenever you lie down for a while there are a few things you can do to remedy this. However it is important to first understand that neck pain is mostly caused by sleeping with the wrong posture.

Not sleeping correctly can put lots of strain on your neck causing its muscle fibers to tear often causing pain and in some cases inflammation. Not correcting your sleeping posture will later lead to much more painful conditions such as low back pain, chronic headaches etc.

Use a firm mattress
If your mattress feels soft and you often sink in whenever you lie on it chances are that it is putting stress on your neck and shoulders, since some body parts are heavier than others your body is going to be misbalanced while you sleep.

The best way to correct this situation will be use a new mattress and place a pillow on the side of your neck so that it is in a neutral position as opposed to hanging out or popping out. If you mostly lie straight on your back it would be a good idea to place a pillow under your neck.

Exercises for strong shoulders and neck muscles
There are a number of exercises which can be performed in order to avoid instances of neck and shoulder pain while you sleep. Exercises such as shoulder shrugs, neck twists and pull-ups etc. will help build strong neck and shoulder muscles which should be able to take the beating of sleeping with the wrong posture or on a soft and uneven mattress.

However the problem with these exercises is that they are great for the long run but don’t expect any short term relief, plus these will hurt when you first start them.

An orthopedic pillow
The easiest way to correct your sleeping posture is to use an orthopedic pillow. An orthopedic pillow has been specially designed to support your neck, head and shoulders while you sleep eliminating instances of undue stress on them.

Many people will experience instant relief as soon as they start using an orthopedic pillow making this the easiest and most hassle free way to rid yourself of neck pain every morning.