Who Is At Risk For Neck Pain?

October 5, 2012  |  neck pain

The neck is a composite interconnecting structure, which is composed of joints, bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. While it may be a small part of the body, it has a very important task.

The primary task of the neck, which is to hold your head’s weight up, is not that simple.  In addition, there is the condition that the head should be capable of moving horizontally and vertically. The neck also has to develop a channel for the spinal cord, transport blood vessels, and control the passage for food and air. With all these tasks, it is not surprising for the neck to feel some pain at some point in time.

Neck pain may arise and be manifested between your head and shoulders. However, the pain may also extend to your arms and upper back. The pain may range from mild to unbearable, depending on the underlying condition and cause of the pain.

Who Is At Risk?

One question asked by many is, “who really are at risk of developing this physical pain?” The straight answer here is everyone. At one point or another, almost everyone experience the chronic neck pain. However, there are some situations and things that people do to make them more prone to the condition. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then your risk of neck pain is a little bit higher than most people.

Do you smoke? If you are an excessive smoker, you are more prone to suffer neck pain. Smoking can cause deficiency of your bone density, which raises your risk of neck pain in the later life.

Are you more than 50 years old? Your body wears and tears as you age. This is why people who are above the age of fifty are more susceptible to experiencing neck pain.

Do you have the habit of slouching? Slouching destroys the right alignment of your spine. In order to prevent neck pain, you must start the habit of maintaining a good posture, which includes standing, sitting, and sleeping.

Do you have a poor diet? Your extra pounds may cause unnecessary pressure on your spine, which may end up agonizing your neck. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy weight is the key.

Do you maintain the same position for a long period? When you are glued to your computer for an exceptionally long time without breaks, you tend to be in just one position without realizing it. Later, you may start to feel the pain on your neck. If your work requires you to just sit in front of a computer or to just be in one position for so long, try to take some short breaks in between. Stand up and stretch.

Do you perform tedious activities? When you do repetitive activities, such as undue twisting, bending, or lifting, you tend to cause deterioration of your body, particularly your spine. This leads to the neck pain. Try to avoid doing these tedious activities. Or, just do the proper stretching first and take a lot of breaks.

If you believe you are at risk for neck pain, there are many things that you can do as preventive measures. Try to avoid these risk factors by proper exercise, stretching and keeping your body in proper posture. You can also consult a doctor for further evaluation and tips to help prevent the occurrence of neck pain.

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