Top Natural Pillow Fillings To Choose From

August 15, 2012  |  pillows

Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In fact we are subject to a lot of  ill effects when we do not get enough sleep.

The pillow you choose is one of the factors that can affect the quality of your sleep. Thus, buying a high quality one is definitely a good investment.

Synthetic or Natural?

You must be wondering – should you choose synthetic fillings or natural ones when buying pillows? Synthetic pillows are generally cheaper than natural fillings, so if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on pillows, this may be your best bet. Synthetic fillings are made from latex, polyester or foam. These types of pillow fillings are best for people that have allergies.

So, if the synthetic fillings are cheaper and generally allergen-free, why should you choose the natural pillows? Natural pillows also have their own benefits.

First, people generally prefer the durability of pillows with natural fillings. They last longer than synthetic components since they are easier to re-fluff them when they lose shape. You may find that re-fluffing synthetically-filled pillows are nearly impossible.

There are also some people who find comfort in knowing that they’re using materials that do not help destroy the environment, since they are produced by nature.

Some Natural Fillings To Consider

If you are interested in pillows filled with natural materials, here is a list of the top natural pillow fillings that you can easily find:

  • Down – this is one of the more popular choice when people buy pillows, and this is also costlier than most. Down is the softer, fluffier feathers that are hidden underneath the main feathers of the fowl, usually gotten from ducks or geese. However, you can’t clean pillows made of down feathers by yourself – you need to take them to a professional cleaner’s. If you’re allergic to down fillings, there are pillows that are hypoallergenic made by manufacturers that clean goose down.
  • Cotton – this is one of the natural fillings that are easier to find. For people who suffer from allergies to other natural fillings, as well as sensitivities to synthetic fillings, this is the ideal choice. The only downside that comes with having cotton-filled pillows is that it may not be as sturdy as the other types of pillows.
  • Feathers – the less expensive alternative of down pillows, pillows are filled with larger feathers taken from birds. They are not as soft and fluffy as comfortable as down pillows, but for those who do not have enough budget for down feathers, this is a great alternative. However, you can also search for pillows that are a combination of down and feathers.
  • Husks and Seeds – this is the least common in the list. Usually, people who use pillows filled with husks and seeds are made out of buckwheat or millet. They mould themselves to fit your head’s shape perfectly, so it can be very comfortable. One of the best benefits of having husks and seeds as fillings are that dust mites (which can cause allergies) do not reside in this type of filling.

These are the most common natural pillow fillings that you can find in the market. Before buying one though, make sure that take you time in choosing one. Familiarize yourself with the things to look out for when choosing the right pillow for you!