What Are The Benefits of a Neck Pillow

August 21, 2012  |  pillows

Most people do not realize that their pillows are one of the reasons why they wake up with sore backs in the morning. Indeed, the wrong pillows can cause stiffness on your back while you sleep, causing pain in the morning. Your pillow can either be thick, thin, fluffy – or simply not suited for your sleeping preference. With that, it is important to find a good pillow that can provide the proper support you need.

We all know that pillows are created to support the neck and the head. Their main function is to ensure that our head, necks and spines are correctly aligned and properly supported. If you want support for you neck, then you should get something that is specifically designed for that purpose, a neck pillow.

Types of Neck Pillows

There are different types of neck pillows, and you may have difficulty in selecting which of these best fits you. Most people choose between the three varieties – the heated ones, memory foam neck pillows, or just the normal neck support pillows. Sometimes your chiropractor would recommend a specific type that he believes fits your condition best.

Benefits of Neck Pillows

  • Provides good neck support. This is good news for those suffering from stiff neck constantly. Neck pillows are the tools that help you relieve the pressure from the neck because it helps align your spine and head properly. It also gives proper traction, as well as support, for your neck.
  • Prevents or reduces snoring. Perhaps you share a room with a snorer, or you yourself snore. Neck pillows are one of your best bets to prevent and reduce snoring. Usually, a person snores because the air passages of their throats are blocked. If you use a neck pillow, those blocked air passages will open up and make breathing easier.
  • Promotes proper posture. Having a neck pillow can give you proper posture, which is essential in the long run so that you won’t develop any conditions that affect your spine. The neck pillow aligns the cervical spine so that you will naturally relax your spinal cord and stretch the neck into its proper position.
  • Reduces allergic reactions. If you’re prone to experiencing allergic reactions to regular pillows, there are neck pillows are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials that you can use. You can also buy a non-allergenic cover for your pillow if you want to lessen the risk of experiencing allergies.
  • Enhances blood circulation. Since neck pillows help the body to become naturally aligned, the blood will flow better because there are little to no obstructions.
  • Promotes good sleep at night. You will have increased energy to perform your daily routine, since you have slept better during the night and you don’t wake up to stiff neck or sore backs in the morning. A good night’s sleep is essential to give you energy to do everything you have planned for the day.

Prevention is better than cure, but sometimes prevention can be quite costly. You might get worried and daunted by the price of neck pillows, since they cost more than ordinary pillows. However, if you really think it through, you’ll find that neck pillows are actually better investments than not buying one but ending up in a chiropractor’s clinic.