Sleeping Pill Users
If you’ve been using prescription sleep pills and you’re still unsatisfied with the quality of your sleep, the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow is for you – not only could it help end your dependency on sleep pills, it could help you fall into a deep, relaxing sleep quickly and easily. Moreover, with the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ you awake refreshed and restored; with none of the grogginess that can result from using sleeping pills (please consult a doctor before changing any medication).

Menopause Sufferers – hot flushes
Hot flushes and night sweats, followed by ‘chills’ and a feeling of anxiety is experienced by 45-85% of women during the menopause, and can often lead to chronic sleep disturbances.
The Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’s unique open-cell structure allows air to circulate freely, eliminating the heat build-up that you get with ordinary pillows. Now you can enjoy a fresher, cooler, more comfortable sleep – and banish ‘next-day-fatigue’ forever.

Pregnant Women
62% of pregnant women say they have problems sleeping during pregnancy. From getting up to the toilet (again!), to ‘bump-turbulence’ pregnancy can be one big sleepless night! For a good night’s sleep during pregnancy, try the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’. Its unique memory-foam construction moulds to your shape and can help make sleep during pregnancy more comfortable.

There is a common myth that as we get older we need less sleep. A recent US study has proved this is not the case. In fact as we get older the composition of our sleep changes, as we gradually spend less time in the deep stages of sleep. As a result, fewer hours are slept each night — and subsequently we need to make up for that loss during the day with frequent naps. The ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ can help by making night time sleep more comfortable – thus reducing the frequency of waking.

Most college students admit that they are often sleepy and recent studies has discovered 15% admit that they fall asleep in class. Lack of sleep causes many problems, not the least of which is the difficulty it adds to learning. It’s also detrimental to the immune system and motor skills. Students (and everyone else) need at least eight hours of sleep to maintain optimum health and learning capabilities. Yet, with the pressure of school, family and social life, few students are sleeping near the required amount. However, using the Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow can help relieve many of these common sleep problems (as well as helping boost your day-time energy) by making high quality sleep easier to attain.

Travelling / Going on Holiday?
Jetlag can occur when people travel quickly across several time zones, causing their internal biological rhythm to be out of synch with the new destination time. Sleep problems tend to be more common when people travel from west to east as it is more difficult to advance than to delay sleep time.Well now with the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ you can fall asleep effortlessly, and arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to go.

Business People
Business travel and sleep often don’t mix. But modern business travel demands high performance amid stress, hectic schedules, heavy meals, and late nights — all a recipe for poor sleep. Losing as little as one and a half hours for just one night reduces daytime alertness by about one-third. Luckily, using the ‘Sleep Relief Orthopedic Pillow’ can help alleviate stress by making high quality sleep possible every night.

Why settle for sleepless nights any longer?
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